Tips Seniors Can Use For Better Kidney Health

March is National Kidney Month and now is a great time for seniors to make some changes that will improve their kidney health. Nationally, about 15% of adults have some level of kidney disease. But, more than half of all seniors over the age of 75 have kidney disease. Age is one of the biggest risk factors for developing kidney disease. That’s why it’s so important for seniors, with the help of their senior home care providers, to do whatever they can to keep their kidneys healthy. Kidney disease is progressive and painful.

Here are things that seniors can do to improve their kidney health.

Senior Home Care Merced CA - Tips Seniors Can Use For Better Kidney Health

Senior Home Care Merced CA – Tips Seniors Can Use For Better Kidney Health

Eating the right diet that is low in sodium is very important for seniors who want to have healthy kidneys. That means avoiding a lot of high-sodium processed food. Senior home care can help seniors eat healthier by helping seniors shop for healthy food and cook healthy meals. If your senior parent is aging in place senior home care can help them eat better and stay healthy at home.

Some things that seniors aging in place can do to keep their kidneys healthy as they get older are:

  • Drink More Water

Drinking water is essential for good kidney function. Seniors are chronically dehydrated and should try to drink at least 9 glasses of water throughout the day. Seniors who are very active or live in a hot climate may need to drink even more water than that to stay hydrated.

  • Eat More Plants

Eating a well-balanced diet that includes a lot of vegetables is great for kidney health. Fresh greens and vegetables contain potassium, folic acid, and other minerals and vitamins that the kidneys need for good health. Seniors should be eating at least two vegetables with each meal.

  • Monitor Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a leading cause of kidney damage. Seniors should regularly monitor their blood pressure and work with healthcare professionals to maintain it within a healthy range. Lifestyle modifications such as a low-sodium diet, regular exercise, and stress management can help control blood pressure.

  • Manage Diabetes

Seniors with diabetes are at an increased risk of kidney problems. It’s crucial to manage blood sugar levels through medication, diet, and regular monitoring. Following a diabetic-friendly diet and adopting a healthy lifestyle can help prevent complications affecting the kidneys.

  • Maintain a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight reduces the risk of developing conditions like diabetes and hypertension, which are major contributors to kidney disease. Seniors who are overweight should try to lose weight healthily through diet, portion control, and regular exercise.

  • Limit Over-the-Counter Medications

Some over-the-counter medications, especially nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), can be harmful to the kidneys when used excessively. Seniors should consult their healthcare providers before taking such medications regularly and follow recommended dosages.

  • Quit Smoking

Smoking is associated with a higher risk of kidney disease and can exacerbate existing kidney conditions. Seniors shouldn’t smoke for a lot of reasons, kidney disease risk is just one of them. Seniors who still smoke should talk to their doctors about the options available to help them quit.

  • Exercise Regularly

Regular physical activity promotes overall health, including kidney health. Seniors should engage in moderate exercise, such as walking, swimming, or light aerobics, for at least 150 minutes per week. Exercise can help maintain a healthy weight, control blood pressure, and improve cardiovascular health.

  • Get Regular Kidney Function Tests

Seniors should get regular kidney function tests and other kidney screening tests as part of their usual care from a PCM. Getting regular screenings for kidney disease can help doctors identify potential problems early and start treatment.


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