How To Fight Off The Flu As A Senior

More people are out this summer and because of that your senior loved one may get more visitors and this means your senior has a higher chance of getting sick. If your loved one develops the flu or even a cold you will need to ensure they are resting and fighting off the cold as best as possible. If your loved one lives alone they will need the help of 24-hour home care services to manage their health while they are sick. When they have help from 24-hour home care it can allow them to focus on getting better while they know the house is being maintained and managed.

Here are some ways a senior can fight off the flu.

Stay Hydrated

24-Hour Home Care Reedley CA - How To Fight Off The Flu As A Senior

24-Hour Home Care Reedley CA – How To Fight Off The Flu As A Senior

When a senior gets sick they may become dehydrated easier because they may not be drinking water, they may be throwing up, or they may forget to drink any type of fluids. 24-hour home care can help ensure a senior always has water wherever they are, and try to encourage them to drink as much as possible. They may even need to start drinking Gatorade or something with extra electrolytes in it depending on how your loved one is feeling. This will help your senior stay hydrated and replenish any vitamins they are missing as they throw up. If your senior can’t drink Gatorade they need to stick with drinking water or warm broth.

Rest as Much as Possible

Your senior’s body will be fighting off germs, bugs, and infections during the flu. This means their body is working overtime to get rid of all of the funkiness going on. Your senior may be extra tired and it is so important that they listen to their body. Your senior may need to spend a few days in bed to regain their energy. If they need help getting up or getting anything to feel better this is something that 24-hour home care can help them with. Someone should be there to help them get what they need to recover, this can either be a family member or a professional.

Eat When You Can

Sometimes when a senior is sick they can’t eat, but this also means a senior is losing vitamins and minerals. Your senior loved one should be eating easy foods that will not upset their stomach but also be able to absorb any acids in their stomach. 24-hour home care can provide crackers, breads, and other small snacks that will help your senior gain energy but be easy to digest. Your senior may also want to eat soup or even yogurt if possible.

Stay Cool

During the summer a fever can be deadly. Your senior loved one will need to keep the house cool and find ways to reduce a fever. They can use cold washcloths and keep an AC on in one room to help keep the room temperature regulated.

See a Doctor

If a senior has a fever for a long time or something feels wrong, they need to see their doctor and tell them what’s going on. A doctor may need to prescribe medication or get a senior admitted to a hospital to recover properly.

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