Enlisting Help for Your Loved One to Recover From a Hospital Stay

Your elderly loved one just got the great news that he can return home after his stay in the hospital. He’s thrilled to head home to the comforts of his bed and the familiarity of home. But instead of being excited, you can’t help but be worried. Maybe you don’t live near your elderly loved one or he refuses to stay with you and you’re concerned about him recovering at home. That’s not abnormal. He will have a recovery journey, whether short or long, and you simply want to ensure he’s able to recover well and recover quickly. One option is to hire post-hospital care providers.

Post-Hospital Care Sanger CA - Enlisting Help for Your Loved One to Recover From a Hospital Stay

Post-Hospital Care Sanger CA – Enlisting Help for Your Loved One to Recover From a Hospital Stay

If your loved one is returning to his home without anyone staying with him, there are still steps you can take that will provide him with some much-needed help during his recovery period. Now is the time to gather up the troops and get everyone involved in helping your loved one feel better fast.

Let’s look at some people you can add to your team.


It’s important that you honestly assess what you can do. Perhaps your role will be as a coordinator or providing a daily check-in. You might be the one who coordinates with his doctor and manages all of the follow-up appointments. No matter what your role is, remember, you don’t have to do it all alone. You are only one member of your loved one’s recovery team.

Other family Members

If you have siblings or grown children who can help, talk to them before your loved one goes home to see how they can help. If your loved one has a pet, maybe one family member could take over the caretaking duties of the pet. Or maybe another one could visit once a week to do laundry or mow the lawn. Let them know how long the doctors say your loved one will need before he can resume tasks he was doing before his hospital stay.

Neighbors and Friends

Neighbors can be a great resource if your loved one has good relationships with them. Ask neighbors if they can help by putting the garbage out each week or shoveling any snow that may fall. They might also want to bring meals or provide visits to keep your loved one’s spirits up.

If your loved one belongs to a faith community or has a pickleball league, talk to them about developing a meal train where each person signs up to bring a meal. Those homemade meals will ensure your loved one eats well as he recovers.

Post-Hospital Care Providers

If you’re looking for more professional help, then you might want to look into hiring a post-hospital care provider. They will work with you to determine where they can best step in and help. A post-hospital care team can help with medication management, meal prep, chores at home and so much more. A visit from a post-hospital care provider can take some of the burdens off of you and your family members so you can simply spend time with your loved one and not worry about getting XYZ completed.

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