Observing the Symptoms of MS

When you start taking care of your senior, you have to be a friendly presence for them, but you also have to look out for their physical health. Dealing with MS or multiple sclerosis can be challenging and painful for the senior. You will need to start observing the symptoms to determine when they feel okay and when they are in pain. The more you observe things about them, the more information you can relay to their doctors. Not all seniors will remember these observations, and it can be dangerous when the doctor does not have all of the information. If you are not home with your senior and think they may need extra help to keep an eye on the progression of MS, then it may be time to consider in-home care services.

How In-Home Care Aides can Assist

In-Home Care Kingsburg CA - Observing the Symptoms of MS

In-Home Care Kingsburg CA – Observing the Symptoms of MS

In-home care providers are specialists who can help your senior live independently for much longer. In-home care aides may help manage the disease by helping take care of the senior and get them moving around more than they would on their own. They can be a huge help when you cannot provide care every day.

One thing that can be challenging with MS is that it can progress over time, and because of that, a senior may not even know they have it. This is also why it’s crucial to keep an eye on symptoms and report them to the doctor whenever a new one occurs. On top of that, the senior needs to manage the symptoms, and it can be hard to do without the extra help. To manage the symptoms, you first need to understand what can happen when a senior has MS. If you notice any of these symptoms, keep track of them and report them to the doctor.

Watch for Tremors

Intention tremors appear when a person with MS moves a limb, such as reaching for something with their hand. Postural tremors occur in a limb when sitting or standing. This can be treated with physical therapy, medicine from the doctor, or weighted blankets. It’s important to note when they happen and how long they last because this can help a doctor or physical therapist come up with a treatment plan.

Look for a Senior Who Struggles to Swallow

Dysphagia is a condition in which someone has difficulty and pain swallowing food and liquid. Getting a senior to eat can already be challenging, but having MS can make it uncomfortable to eat or drink, making it even harder to get them to enjoy foods. You may need to modify your diet to make eating and swallowing easier.

Seniors May Suffer From Incontinence

Some seniors may start losing bowel functions or bladder functions, leaving them feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed. Always be prepared for any accidents can help the senior feel more confident when going out somewhere.

An In-Home Care Aide Can Watch for Fatigue

Mild to severe lethargy is a defining feature of progressing MS. It may strike unexpectedly as a wave for some individuals or be a day-to-day reality for others. This is something that a regular cup of coffee may not even fix.

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