How Seniors Can Fix Fatigue During the Day

Just because a senior lives at home and chooses to age in place does not mean they are sitting at home doing nothing. Many seniors choose to get busy during this time, they may go to church events, help with the community volunteer programs, and see family members often. This busy lifestyle can be draining and exhausting, especially on top of taking care of the home as an elderly person. Your senior mom or dad may need help with transportation or managing the house and these are things that in-home care services can help with. In-home care can help manage a senior’s routine so they don’t feel fatigued often.

However, it can still occasionally happen, and here is how your loved one can quickly fix fatigue during the day.

Drink More Water

In-Home Care Selma CA - How Seniors Can Fix Fatigue During the Day

In-Home Care Selma CA – How Seniors Can Fix Fatigue During the Day

Seniors can be notorious for neglecting water. They may not mean to but if it is out of sight it is usually out of mind too. In-home care can help ensure there is always an open water bottle by your loved one and keep track of how much they are drinking. If your loved one is starting to feel tired while they have been super busy throughout the day it could be because they are dehydrated. An easy way to fix that is by drinking more water, it could wake them up, and they will avoid dehydration.

Avoid Alcohol

Not only is alcohol dehydrating it can also make a senior feel more tired. They should avoid drinking during the day because it can truly make them feel exhausted. Alcohol seems like it’s a good thing to get to sleep at night but the truth is it won’t help a senior stay asleep. Alcohol will make a senior feel tired in the moment and they will feel way more tired the next day too. If your loved one is at a dinner with the family and drinking they should never have more than one glass and they will need tons of water to balance out the alcohol.

Seek Out Natural Light

If your loved one is feeling drowsy, their internal clock may need to be woken up. One of the best ways to do that is to get outside and in the sunlight. This will help wake up their minds and bodies. If your senior loved one is homebound, in-home care can help them set up lights that mimic the natural sun. They may need to do regular light therapy to help them manage their moods and to manage fatigue throughout the day.

Take a Nap

Your seniors may get tired at home and if they are in a place where they can take a 20-minute nap, they absolutely should! One of the best ways to feel re-energized for the rest of the day is to take a few minutes to rest in between activities. This will allow their minds and bodies to relax so they feel refreshed enough to take on the day. A senior should never take more than 30 minutes to nap! In-home care can help ensure they are resting for the right amount of time.

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