The Best Summer Skin Care Tips For Seniors

Seniors always need to take good care of their skin. Maturing skin needs more care to remain healthy and to keep looking good. And during the hot summer weather, it’s even more important for seniors to take care of their skin because sun, sweat, and summer skin products like sunscreen can dry skin out and cause other skin problems. Seniors who have trouble with activities of daily living like washing their face or applying moisturizer should get personal care at home services.

When seniors have personal care at home they don’t need to struggle to complete hygiene tasks that will keep them healthy. According to mature skin experts, the best summer skin care tips for seniors include:

Don’t Forget The Lips

Personal Care at Home Madera CA - The Best Summer Skin Care Tips For Seniors

Personal Care at Home Madera CA – The Best Summer Skin Care Tips For Seniors

Often when seniors think about skincare, they don’t think about their lips. But lips can dry out very quickly in the hot summer weather. They can also get chapped and cracked or become really uncomfortable. Skin care experts recommend that seniors use an exfoliating lip treatment once a week to slough off any dead skin and use a heavy-duty lip balm or moisturizer every day. It’s also a good idea for seniors to apply lip balm with sunscreen often if they are going to be outside in the sun for a long time.

Use A Gentle Cleanser

Senior skin is already taking a beating in the summer, a harsh soap or cleanser can just make the situation worse. Mature skin in the summer is affected by heat, sun, dry air, air conditioning, and heavy-duty products like sunscreen. That’s why seniors should use a very light cleanser to get clean during the summer. A light body wash and a cream-based facial cleanser are great choices for seniors to use during the summer. Rosewater and witch hazel are great natural toners that will restore skin’s glow while also controlling acne breakouts from sweat or pore-clogging sunscreen.

Use Body Oil Not Lotion

During the summer body lotion can be greasy and unpleasant to use. It also doesn’t absorb into the skin very well if it’s hot. Seniors should use light body oil after a shower to moisturize their skin and keep it soft. But body oils can be very slippery so it’s best to have personal care at home so that a care provider can apply the oil for your senior parent. Seniors should wait until the oil is fully absorbed into the skin to get up and walk around so they don’t slip.

Personal Care at Home Can Apply A Serum At Night

A facial serum is a heavy-duty product that fights dryness and wrinkles but it’s very light and sheer on the skin. It’s better for seniors to use at night than a heavy night cream. When it’s warm out at night creams can creep on the face and end up on the pillow instead of being absorbed into the skin. Serum absorbs quickly and works overnight to help skin’s elasticity and appearance.

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