It’s Time to Get Swimming

As the weather warms up, it’s time to get back into the local pool. Seniors should be getting out of the house and taking classes like swimming or even water aerobics. If your senior loved one needs help getting to local activities, it’s something that senior home care providers can help with.

Here are some great benefits of swimming that your senior loved one may receive if they start doing this physical activity a few times a week. It can be part of their weekly routine that senior home care aides can assist with.

Swimming Helps Range of Motion and It’s Easy On Joints and Bones

Senior Home Care Merced CA - It’s Time to Get Swimming

Senior Home Care Merced CA – It’s Time to Get Swimming

The buoyancy of the pool water makes it easier to move your joints in a full range of motion without the fear of straining or hurting yourself. If your senior loved one doesn’t have a good range of motion out of the water, it may be better in the water. The water creates a low-impact way to move around and get a full-body workout. So, whether walking in the pool, swimming laps, or doing water aerobics, it will provide a good workout for your loved one. It’s time to encourage your loved one to hop in the pool now that the weather is warming up.

The water provides resistance but also makes it easier to move in. Water is easier to move in because it has a lower viscosity than other substances. This means that it is more fluid and less resistant to motion. So when your senior gets into the pool, it is easier on the joints than trying to move through the air, making it a great workout for your elderly loved one.

Boosts Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular health is important to focus on because it is the foundation of overall health. A strong cardiovascular system helps ensure the body has the right amount of oxygen and nutrients to function. Swimming is a great way to boost a senior’s cardiovascular health because it gets them moving easily. Swimming is an aerobic activity, making it perfect for cardiovascular health because it increases your heart rate, strengthens your heart muscle, and improves your circulation. Swimming also helps reduce blood pressure and can help prevent heart disease and stroke.

Swimming Is a Way To Socialize and It’s Stress Relieving

When you take your senior out to a class like water aerobics or even just to swim around the pool, there will be others there. A senior home care provider can provide the transportation. This is an excellent chance for your loved one to connect with others who enjoy the same activities. It is one of the best ways to ensure they stay social throughout the week and have friends they look forward to seeing. Who knows, if they meet someone at the pool, they may want to connect later on for different reasons. Again, it’s a great way to ensure your loved one has something to look forward to.

Swimming is a wonderful way to relieve stress because it helps burn off extra energy that could lead to anxiety. It is a way for your seniors to get out of the house and focus on an easy task. This is a time for them to move their body and let their negative feelings go.

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