Arguing with your senior about bathing can take up a surprising amount of time and energy for both of you. There are other options, and it might be time to start exploring them.

In-Home Care Merced CA - What Can You Do if Your Senior Refuses to Bathe?

In-Home Care Merced CA – What Can You Do if Your Senior Refuses to Bathe?

Avoid Arguing with Your Senior about Bathing

If talking about bathing tends to end in an argument, then you and your senior need a different way to talk about this. Make sure you’re in a calm frame of mind yourself when you need to talk to her about a bath or shower. If you’re not able to do that, you may need to try another option entirely. The thing is, if every time you talk about this topic it ends in a fight, then of course she’s not going to want to talk about it.

Rule out Safety Concerns and Discomfort

One of the things your senior might not have felt comfortable sharing with you, or maybe wasn’t able to share at all, is that her issues with bathing stem from feeling unsafe or from feeling uncomfortable in the shower. This is actually a really common issue for older adults and there’s a lot that you can do to resolve the problem once you know it exists. Add grab bars to the shower itself and check the water pressure. Pressure that’s too much can be painful for your senior or it can scare her.

Compromise on a Schedule

When your senior has a bathing schedule that you and she have worked out together you’ve got something that you can both point to that helps to keep you on target. After you and your elderly family member agree on a schedule, make sure that you put together a visible way to keep track. Using a calendar helps you both to be able to see at a glance where you are in the schedule.

Step Back from the Fray

There may come a point where you and your senior have to just agree that you helping her to bathe is part of the problem. That’s not something that is likely easy for either of you to admit to the other, but it can very definitely be true. Bringing in in-home care providers to take over the task of helping your senior to bathe could be the perfect solution. What you’re looking for is to make sure your senior’s needs are met in the best and safest way possible.

Arguing about bathing is not how you want to spend time with your senior.

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Gina Kendall