Tips That Help Your Dad Maintain His Independence

Aging Unbound” is the theme for 2023’s Older Americans Month. Have you thought about the things that happen as your dad gets older? Is he able to live as independently as he used to or does he have struggles that bind him in some way? Companion care at home services help him embrace independent living without difficulty.

There are a few other things you and his companion care at home aide can do to help your dad maintain his independence as he ages in place.

Companion Care at Home Visalia CA - Tips That Help Your Dad Maintain His Independence

Companion Care at Home Visalia CA – Tips That Help Your Dad Maintain His Independence

Brighten His Home’s Lighting

Where are there darker areas of the home? Check the typical areas like staircases to a basement or garage, a hallway, or a patio area. Add brighter light fixtures to ensure every area of his home has the visibility he needs.

Purchase a Pill Organizer

If your dad takes daily medications, he may benefit from a pill organizer. He can open the container door and take the pills that are necessary on that day or at that time of day. He won’t have to remember if he took them or not, he can simply check his organizer and make sure that day’s slot is empty.

Make His Bathroom Safer

Your dad can still shower on his own, but he’s not as steady stepping in and out of the tub as he used to be. Heighten safety in his bathroom by adding grab bars inside and outside of the tub. You also want to place them on the sides of the toilet.

Make sure any bath mats in his bathroom have a rubberized non-slip backing. A raised toilet seat helps him get on and off the toilet without a struggle. Finally, check that the lighting is adequate. If he has darker areas, look into brighter LED fixtures.

Organize His Kitchen to Make His Life Easier

An organized kitchen can make it a lot easier to prepare meals. Think about the small appliances he uses regularly. Make sure those are on the counter or easy to access. Put items he rarely uses on higher shelves.

The ingredients he needs should be easy to reach. This often includes things like flour, eggs, milk, spices, canned goods, etc. If there are things that aren’t used as much, such as molasses, move that to a higher shelf. Invest in a step stool that has handrails for safety.

Hire Companion Care at Home Aides to Help Out

Caregivers can help your dad with household chores like laundry, vacuuming, dishes, and tidying up. They can make beds, change sheets, hang fresh towels, and put clean laundry away. Make it easier for your dad to manage his daily routine by arranging services that help him with his daily routines.

Call a companion care at home specialist to learn more about these and other services. Your dad has the support he needs to live independently without waiting on the days you’re available.

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