The Best New Year’s Resolutions For Seniors

Now that the New Year is here it’s time for seniors to make some resolutions. But the trick to making resolutions is making resolutions that won’t be so hard that seniors will give up on them right away. Whenever anyone is making resolutions or changes to their life in general in order to make those changes stick it’s important to make them actionable. Everyone wants to eat healthier or lose a few pounds. And those resolutions get abandoned pretty quickly. Seniors who make actionable resolutions with small goals that they can easily achieve have a better chance of actually keeping those resolutions. Their companion care at home providers can help them follow through with their goals.

Some of the best New Year’s resolutions for seniors are:

Walk 20 Minutes Every Day with Your Companion Care at Home Aide

Companion Care at Home Merced CA - The Best New Year’s Resolutions For Seniors

Companion Care at Home Merced CA – The Best New Year’s Resolutions For Seniors

Seniors who say they want to exercise more without a plan to do that will usually fail to keep that resolution. But seniors who make a commitment to walk for 20 minutes each day can make this a permanent healthy habit pretty quickly. That’s because it’s a small-scale achievable goal that is specific. Everyone can find just 20 minutes a day for a quick walk. It’s not a huge commitment or an intimidating goal. It’s just a few minutes of walking. Seniors that have companion care at home providers may want to have them walk with them to provide accountability.

Set An Early Bedtime

Having the resolution to get more rest is not specific enough to be actionable. Setting a bedtime of 9 P.M. or earlier is a specific and achievable task that can be done every night. And soon it will be a habit to go to bed early. When seniors go to bed early there is a better chance they will get the extra sleep they need to be healthy. Doctors recommend that seniors get anywhere from 8-10 hours of sleep at night. Most seniors don’t get that much sleep. So make a resolution to go to bed earlier to get more sleep this year.

Eat A Vegetable At Every Meal

Eating healthy is another common resolution that people abandon quickly. It’s too generic to say that you’re going to eat healthily. Instead, commit to eating one vegetable at every meal. In no time at all, you’ll be used to eating a diet that is mostly vegetables and you’ll start eating more of them. Seniors may even be inspired to try cooking new meals that incorporate veggies.

Call One Family Member Per Week

Seniors often suffer from a lack of social connection. Committing to calling one family member or friend per week is a way for seniors to try and keep relationships strong with their friends and family. If friends and family call during the week that’s a bonus. But seniors should commit to calling at least one family member once a week. That way they will get at least some necessary social interaction while keeping family relationships strong. Video chats and Zoom calls count too.

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