Will 24-Hour Home Care Help With Sundowning?

Sundowning is a state that’s often present in the mid and late stages of Alzheimer’s. It’s not something to ignore as it often leads to agitation, aggression, paranoia, and wandering. Not everyone who experiences sundowning has dementia, however. It can happen to anyone as they age. If your dad has sundown syndrome, it’s time to talk about the benefits of 24-hour home care.

Signs of Sundowning

24-Hour Home Care Reedley CA - Will 24-Hour Home Care Help With Sundowning?

24-Hour Home Care Reedley CA – Will 24-Hour Home Care Help With Sundowning?

What are some of the signs of sundowning? One is paranoia. Your dad may start to accuse you of doing things you haven’t done. His wallet goes missing, and he’s convinced you stole it. You find his wallet in the freezer, but he’s still confident you took it and are trying to make him look crazy. He may become suspicious of everyone around him.

Another sign of sundowning is agitation. Your dad becomes restless and paces constantly. You cannot get him to sit down. He is always trying to escape the home, and if you try to stop him, he yells. Nothing you try calms him down.

It’s appointment day, and the weather is overcast and dreary. You’re driving down the road when your dad starts asking why a small man is sitting on your steering wheel. You know there is nothing there, but he is convinced there’s a man there and tries to swat him away. Hallucinations do occur in some people who are sundowning.

Your dad loves working on his jigsaw puzzle. After dinner, you get one out, but he is unable to do anything. He seems to have no concept of how to put a puzzle together. It makes no sense as he finished a puzzle earlier in the day. He can’t have lost this skill in just a few hours. Sundowning can increase confusion and impact concentration.

How Does 24-Hour Home Care Help?

With 24-hour home care, your dad is never alone. There’s a caregiver with him at all hours to turn on lights before the sun starts to set and causes shadowy, poorly lit areas in the home. His caregiver can make sure he’s sleeping enough, staying hydrated, and getting enough exercise.

Following a routine during the day can alleviate some of the worst symptoms of sundowning. If your dad gets up at the same hour, eats and drinks regularly, and has a typical bedtime routine, the sundowning may ease. With caregivers ensuring your dad’s daily routine doesn’t change much, he’ll be calmer and less likely to experience severe agitation.

To arrange 24-hour home care, pick up the phone. Talk to our specialist about your dad’s health and experiences with sundowning. You’ll learn more about prices and schedules during this call.

If you or an aging loved one are considering 24-Hour Home Care Services in Reedley CA, please contact the caring staff at Everlight Home Care today. Call us at 559-353-2847.

Gina Kendall