Security Tips For Seniors Aging In Place

Home security is something that the families of seniors that are aging place are often concerned about. Seniors may also be concerned about home security if they are committed to living alone as they get older. It makes sense that seniors who are going to be living on their own would want to be sure that they are going to be safe in their homes. But family members and seniors don’t need to worry about their security. As long as seniors take some basic precautions there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be safe in their own homes. Seniors who are living independently should consider having 24-hour home care services.

These basic security precautions can give seniors and their families peace of mind:

Install Motion Lights

24-Hour Home Care Clovis CA - Security Tips For Seniors Aging In Place

24-Hour Home Care Clovis CA – Security Tips For Seniors Aging In Place

Motion lights should be installed on the front and back of the house to make sure that anyone who approaches the house sets off a light. The sensitivity of motion lights can be set so that they won’t go off when animals go near the lights. One of the biggest concerns seniors have about installing motion-activated security lights is that they don’t want to blind the neighbors or have lights going on and off all night. But it’s easy to adjust the sensitivity settings so that only a person or persons approaching will set off the lights.

Install a Video Doorbell

Video doorbells make seniors safer. And because they start recording as soon as someone comes near the house video doorbells are a great deterrent for crime. It’s also very helpful for seniors to be able to see who is at the door without going to the door. If seniors have 24-hour home care, their care provider can answer the door if it’s necessary to answer the door. But in most cases, seniors can just speak to whoever is at the door through an app on their phone.

Keep Cars In Garages

Seniors who still drive or seniors who don’t drive but still keep a car should keep their car in the garage at all times. Seniors that have 24-hour home care should also keep their cars in the garage if possible. When criminals are looking for houses to target they will look for anything that is easy to grab, including items inside a car that is sitting in a driveway. Your senior parent’s car might get smashed. It’s safest to keep all cars in the garage when they’re not being used.

Keep Up The Outside Of The Home

It’s important for seniors to maintain the exterior of their homes for several reasons. One of those reasons is just because it will look bad in the neighborhood for seniors to not keep up with mowing, weeding, painting, and the general upkeep of the home. But another reason why seniors need to keep up their homes is because criminals look for homes that look unkempt. If a home is unkempt in a neighborhood full of well-kept homes criminals will assume that someone older or someone single lives in that home and that could make your senior parent a target.

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