Every May is National Meditation Month, which means your senior might want to finally give meditating a try. Even if she just tries meditating for 30 days, she might start to experience some of these benefits. She may find she needs the help of a homecare aide to assist her. If she doesn’t enjoy it or doesn’t feel as if it’s done anything for her, she at least gave it a fair try.

She Might Improve Memory and Attention

Homecare Kerman CA - Benefits of Meditation for Seniors With Homecare Help

Homecare Kerman CA – Benefits of Meditation for Seniors With Homecare Help

Lots of aging adults see memory issues and trouble paying attention as just part of the aging process that they have to accept. Meditation can help to clear the decks of thoughts that might be interfering with your senior’s ability to pay attention as much as she might want to. Mindfulness itself helps with keeping your senior’s attention more grounded, which can help her to retain more of what she wants to remember.

Her Cognitive Function Might Improve

Several studies have looked at whether meditation can do much for cognitive function. Some of them seem to point to the fact that meditating regularly does help with combatting cognitive decline. Every individual situation is different, of course, and if your elderly family member’s cognitive function is significantly impaired, she may not be able to completely reverse that decline with meditation.

She Can Experience Emotional Benefits

There are a lot of different emotional issues your senior may be facing as she grows older. Seniors are more likely to experience loneliness, for instance, which can quickly become isolation. Your elderly family member may also be under a great deal of stress related to her health issues or other concerns. Meditating on a regular basis can help her to improve her emotional well-being, even boosting her mood.

Meditation Can Improve Overall Physical Health

There are also benefits for physical health from meditating. Your senior may find that it’s easier for her to get to sleep and to stay asleep, for instance. This has farther reaching effects, since sleep deprivation can be extremely harmful for your senior’s physical well-being. Meditation has also been shown to be beneficial for people with high blood pressure, as well as other health issues.

Meditation with Homecare Assistance

Meditating regularly might feel weird to your senior at first, but with practice it gets easier. Friendly reminders to meditate from a homecare aide might be helpful, as could the companionship that caregiver can offer. Meditating with someone else can also help your elderly family member to feel as if meditation is doing more for her.

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Gina Kendall