Great Gifts For Diabetic Seniors That Aren’t Food

During the holiday season, people spend a lot of money on food-related gifts. Seniors in particular tend to receive a lot of boxes of sausages and cheese, candy, and other treats. For most seniors, those are thoughtful gifts that they will enjoy. But for diabetic seniors, it’s best to stay away from giving food gifts because often they are packed with sugar and carbs which are bad for diabetics. In-home care providers can really help seniors that are diabetic with what they eat.

In-Home Care Sanger CA - Great Gifts For Diabetic Seniors That Aren’t Food

In-Home Care Sanger CA – Great Gifts For Diabetic Seniors That Aren’t Food

Many of those gifts aren’t cheap. For the same amount of money, you can give your diabetic senior parent or relative a thoughtful gift that isn’t food so that they will be able to enjoy the gift without worrying about how it will impact their blood sugar.

Some great gift ideas for seniors that aren’t food-related include:

In-Home Care

With in-home care, seniors have someone to help them stay motivated to get the exercise they need. They also have someone to help them learn more about making healthy meals and how to manage their diabetes effectively. If you have siblings you can all chip in to get in-home care that will keep your senior parent happy and healthy at home as a way of showing your love instead of just getting them another box of chocolates.

Digital Picture Frames

Digital picture frames are not expensive and they make a fantastic gift. You can load them with photos from your computer or your phone. There’s no better gift for a senior parent than a digital picture frame filled with some of the happiest family photos. Your senior parent will enjoy a digital picture frame much more than a box of fruit or some candy.

A Foot Spa And Pedicure Set

Diabetic seniors need to take very good care of their feet, but many seniors don’t like going to the nail salon for a pedicure. A foot spa and a pedicure set that they can use in the comfort of their own home is a fantastic gift for a senior with diabetes. An in-home care provider can help them use the spa and pedicure set to keep their feet clean and healthy. And they will really appreciate being able to take care of their feet at home and not needing to go to a nail salon or medical spa to get foot massages and foot baths along with pedicures.

An Infusion Water Bottle

An infusion water bottle is a great gift that will encourage your senior loved one to drink more water. What makes an infusion water bottle special is that it has a tube in the center with holes cut in it so that when your senior loved one puts fruit in the center the water and fruit will mix together to create a delicious and refreshing drink. Your senior loved one will be much more likely to drink the water they need to drink when they can make a delicious fruit and water drink that will taste better than plain water.

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